Thursday, April 20, 2006

What has happened to Morrissey?

Now, I was never into the Smiths when they were together. Much as I'd like to think that the fact I didn't appreciate the ironic lyrics and amazing melodies until 1992 demonstrates my unerring sense of cool - after all, I didn't feel the need to end my life when they ceased recording - I suspect it just indicates a deeper mid-80s fixation with really crap music (Nik Kershaw, anyone?)

Anyway, I was never really into them then, but you would have to have spent the 80s on Mars not to have an image of Morrissey on TOTP with flowers stuffed in the back pocket of his jeans somewhere in the memory banks. But I'm rambling...

Today, I watched the video of You Have Killed Me and was struck by a thought. He always looked about 6ft 4 then - so why now does he only look about 5ft 9? I guess it's the trick of the eye based around the fact that then, he probably weighed 8st dripping wet, and now he's a normal size.

Then I was struck by a second thought.

When did he nick Denis Healy's eyebrows?

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