Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Empty Lap

Today I was due to travel to my parents for Christmas, but due to their concerns that the weather would change for the worse and leave A stranded alone for Christmas, I'm having a "snow day" at home. I have to say I don't particularly share their concerns, as I'm confident that A would have managed the journey, but I didn't want to cause them any further concern or sleepless nights. This has given me a wonderful opportunity to clear all the ironing and wrap all the presents, which is why, of course, I find myself curled up in front of the fire with Poirrot and my knitting. Stella is asleep in her sheepskin bed in front of the fire and all is well with the world. But...

But... Something's not quite right. I have an empty lap. I have an empty lap and a cat in front of the fire who has recently been fed and has no desire for any human contact. At times like these, I really miss Lilly.

So where did this lot come from?

I don't remember this fresh snow being forecast last night! Two inches! There was nothing on my car when I went to bed last night...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Yum Yum!

Yesterday A and I had our Christmas dinner and beforehand I made these petits-fours - Medjool dates and Marzipan - what's not to like?

Testing Testing

I'm so behind the times, I'm only just trying mobile blogging now...

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sorry I've been so quiet this term. Work hasn't been any less hectic even with only 21 or 22 in the class and I've been busy playing with photography in bits of free time as well as the knitting and crochet. I'll try to be a bit more interesting, I promise! To say sorry, here's a shot from my front door yesterday morning. The light was very strange and this shot is straight out of the camera, no manipulation at all. Hope you are all well and not dangerously snowed in anywhere...

Monday, August 23, 2010

One last full week

This week is my last full week of holiday. Term starts again for me next Tuesday, 31st August. 31st August, for goodness' sake! I had so many plans for today but the realisation of the lack of time and the dismal drizzle meant I spent the best part of the day curled up in a chair. I even needed to turn the light on to see my knitting. At 10 am.


Gotta love a UK summer...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I Learned at Knit Camp

1. I strangle fibre as I spin so my yarn isn't lofty.
2. Double knitting needs LOTS of bandwidth. I can't even listen and double knit, let alone talk and double knit.
3. Lucy Neatby wears odd yet matching pairs of shoes (I was particularly fond of the one pink, one blue pair of Docs). The inner teenager who wore one red baseball boot and one black baseball boot through most of Sixth Form thinks this is VERY cool. (Especially as I drew a smiley face on one of the toes of those baseball boots and Lucy has drawn smiley stitches all over her Docs.)
4. When you spend a long time balancing yarnovers and decreases around the edge of a lace pattern repeat, this is for a REASON. Knitting your swatch including just the pattern repeat and not the balanced parts on either side will only lead to pain and anguish. And frogging.
5. I only know about one hundredth of what my little digital camera will do and I really ought to read the instruction booklet.
6. That when a vendor won't sell you any more, you've probably bought enough fibre.
7. I can remember all of the steps of Carcassian Circle, St Bernard's Waltz, Dashing White Sargeants, Strip the Willow and the Gay Gordons
8. I'm a little out of condition for Ceilidh dancing.
9. That doesn't stop me though.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Look What I Made!

Lovely batts from EverImprovingMe, styling advice from Mary Jane Mucklestone!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


A true fireside fat-cat! 23rd January 2005

What's this on my magnet? 24th September 2007

Enjoying the garden, 7th August 2008

Stella(L) and Lilly(R) 17th April 2009

Lilly's favourite mode of transport! 21st June 2009

RIP my darling Lil.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

At it again!

Despite not pounding the pavementa (or treadmill) for the best part of 3 or 4 years, I've signed up for the Race for Life at Arley Hall in July, to celebrate Dad's remission. If you could spare a dime I'd really appreciate it; please sponsor me at .


Friday, April 30, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

She's back!

I can't actually believe it, but Lilly is home - filthy, ravenous and cross, but home! I decided on a last ditch attempt this morning by ringing around the local vets and lo and behold my own vets thought they had a cat brought in yesterday that matched her description. I hot-tailed it there after work and it is indeed my Lil, found nearly a mile away. She's lost her last canine tooth and had virtually eaten the surgery out of house and home, including trying to swipe the vet's sarnies at lunchtime. "She's feisty, that one," was the last comment made by the nurse. No kidding!


My darling Lilly has now been missing for over two days. She's old, wobbly and has never missed two consecutive meals. I suspect that she has found somewhere peaceful to die, but not knowing for sure is very hard. She was very affectionate and I miss her dreadfully.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rest in Peace

John Alfred Anderson (62)
Colin Mark Ashcroft (19)
James Gary Aspinall (18)
Kester Roger Marcus Ball (16)
Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron (67)
Simon Bell (17)
Barry Sidney Bennett (26)
David John Benson (22)
David William Birtle (22)
Tony Bland (22)
Paul David Brady (21)
Andrew Mark Brookes (26)
Carl Brown (18)
David Steven Brown (25)
Henry Thomas Burke (47)
Peter Andrew Burkett (24)
Paul William Carlile (19)
Raymond Thomas Chapman (50)
Gary Christopher Church (19)
Joseph Clark (29)
Paul Clark (18)
Gary Collins (22)
Stephen Paul Copoc (20)
Tracey Elizabeth Cox (23)
James Philip Delaney (19)
Christopher Barry Devonside (18)
Christopher Edwards (29)
Vincent Michael Fitzsimmons (34)
Thomas Steven Fox (21)
Jon-Paul Gilhooley (10)
Barry Glover (27)
Ian Thomas Glover (20)
Derrick George Godwin (24)
Roy Harry Hamilton (34)
Philip Hammond (14)
Eric Hankin (33)
Gary Harrison (27)
Stephen Francis Harrison (31)
Peter Andrew Harrison (15)
David Hawley (39)
James Robert Hennessy (29)
Paul Anthony Hewitson (26)
Carl Darren Hewitt (17)
Nicholas Michael Hewitt (16)
Sarah Louise Hicks (19)
Victoria Jane Hicks (15)
Gordon Rodney Horn (20)
Arthur Horrocks (41)
Thomas Howard (39)
Thomas Anthony Howard (14)
Eric George Hughes (42)
Alan Johnston (29)
Christine Anne Jones (27)
Gary Philip Jones (18)
Richard Jones (25)
Nicholas Peter Joynes (27)
Anthony Peter Kelly (29)
Michael David Kelly (38)
Carl David Lewis (18)
David William Mather (19)
Brian Christopher Mathews (38)
Francis Joseph McAllister (27)
John McBrien (18)
Marion Hazel McCabe (21)
Joseph Daniel McCarthy (21)
Peter McDonnell (21)
Alan McGlone (28)
Keith McGrath (17)
Paul Brian Murray (14)
Lee Nicol (14)
Stephen Francis O'Neill (17)
Jonathon Owens (18)
William Roy Pemberton (23)
Carl William Rimmer (21)
David George Rimmer (38)
Graham John Roberts (24)
Steven Joseph Robinson (17)
Henry Charles Rogers (17)
Colin Andrew Hugh William Sefton (23)
Inger Shah (38)
Paula Ann Smith (26)
Adam Edward Spearritt (14)
Philip John Steele (15)
David Leonard Thomas (23)
Patrik John Thompson (35)
Peter Reuben Thompson (30)
Stuart Paul William Thompson (17)
Peter Francis Tootle (21)
Christopher James Traynor (26)
Martin Kevin Traynor (16)
Kevin Tyrrell (15)
Colin Wafer (19)
Ian David Whelan (19)
Martin Kenneth Wild (29)
Kevin Daniel Williams (15)
Graham John Wright (17)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Just my luck!

I awoke yesterday to just over 2 inches of snow - unusual for Chez Tales From The Plain. A took 5 hours to get into work, school was closed (as it is today) - the first time this has happened in all of my teaching career. So did I go out and throw snowballs? Lie down and make snow angels? Grab a sledge and slide down the (admittedly not very steep) hill behind the houses?

Did I buffalo!

Since Sunday I have been experiencing some serious room spinning, with the totally weird sensation of thinking I will fall off the floor (not fall down, which is a totally different feeling). I have labyrinthitis, which I'd never heard of before the doctor told me I had it, so I'm off work this week and in no state to leave the house. I can walk across the room if I concentrate really hard, which wears me out no end. Yesterday I felt worse and the room span even when I sat down (today it's a bit easier). Since it's viral, there's nothing I can do apart from tough it out, keep the fluids up, take some drugs to try to counteract the nausea and look at the snow, which is now at least four and half inches deep and hope A is OK, since he didn't risk coming home and stayed over in a hotel near work.

All that snow.... and no inclination to play. Sigh....