Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Just my luck!

I awoke yesterday to just over 2 inches of snow - unusual for Chez Tales From The Plain. A took 5 hours to get into work, school was closed (as it is today) - the first time this has happened in all of my teaching career. So did I go out and throw snowballs? Lie down and make snow angels? Grab a sledge and slide down the (admittedly not very steep) hill behind the houses?

Did I buffalo!

Since Sunday I have been experiencing some serious room spinning, with the totally weird sensation of thinking I will fall off the floor (not fall down, which is a totally different feeling). I have labyrinthitis, which I'd never heard of before the doctor told me I had it, so I'm off work this week and in no state to leave the house. I can walk across the room if I concentrate really hard, which wears me out no end. Yesterday I felt worse and the room span even when I sat down (today it's a bit easier). Since it's viral, there's nothing I can do apart from tough it out, keep the fluids up, take some drugs to try to counteract the nausea and look at the snow, which is now at least four and half inches deep and hope A is OK, since he didn't risk coming home and stayed over in a hotel near work.

All that snow.... and no inclination to play. Sigh....