Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Empty Lap

Today I was due to travel to my parents for Christmas, but due to their concerns that the weather would change for the worse and leave A stranded alone for Christmas, I'm having a "snow day" at home. I have to say I don't particularly share their concerns, as I'm confident that A would have managed the journey, but I didn't want to cause them any further concern or sleepless nights. This has given me a wonderful opportunity to clear all the ironing and wrap all the presents, which is why, of course, I find myself curled up in front of the fire with Poirrot and my knitting. Stella is asleep in her sheepskin bed in front of the fire and all is well with the world. But...

But... Something's not quite right. I have an empty lap. I have an empty lap and a cat in front of the fire who has recently been fed and has no desire for any human contact. At times like these, I really miss Lilly.

So where did this lot come from?

I don't remember this fresh snow being forecast last night! Two inches! There was nothing on my car when I went to bed last night...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Yum Yum!

Yesterday A and I had our Christmas dinner and beforehand I made these petits-fours - Medjool dates and Marzipan - what's not to like?

Testing Testing

I'm so behind the times, I'm only just trying mobile blogging now...

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sorry I've been so quiet this term. Work hasn't been any less hectic even with only 21 or 22 in the class and I've been busy playing with photography in bits of free time as well as the knitting and crochet. I'll try to be a bit more interesting, I promise! To say sorry, here's a shot from my front door yesterday morning. The light was very strange and this shot is straight out of the camera, no manipulation at all. Hope you are all well and not dangerously snowed in anywhere...