Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Finally... The Truth

Today is the day many, including myself, hoped for but feared would never come. An independent report of evidence of the Hillsborough Disaster has shown that police and emergency services had made "strenuous attempts" to deflect the blame for the disaster on to fans. 164 statements made by South Yorkshire police officers were altered; 116 of them had been "amended to remove or alter comments unfavourable to South Yorkshire Police". 

The original Coroner's decision that all victims were dead by 3:15pm has also been called onto question.

The medical advisor on the review panel, Dr Bill Kirkup, said up to 41 of the 96 who died could have potentially been saved if they had received treatment earlier.

"In total, 41 people ... had potential to survive after the period of 3:15. What I can't say is how many of those could have been saved," he said.

It's late and I'm not 100% today, so I really can't do this momentous occasion justice, but detailed news reports are available on now, Sarah and Vicky and the other 94 victims can finally rest in peace.