Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I Learned at Knit Camp

1. I strangle fibre as I spin so my yarn isn't lofty.
2. Double knitting needs LOTS of bandwidth. I can't even listen and double knit, let alone talk and double knit.
3. Lucy Neatby wears odd yet matching pairs of shoes (I was particularly fond of the one pink, one blue pair of Docs). The inner teenager who wore one red baseball boot and one black baseball boot through most of Sixth Form thinks this is VERY cool. (Especially as I drew a smiley face on one of the toes of those baseball boots and Lucy has drawn smiley stitches all over her Docs.)
4. When you spend a long time balancing yarnovers and decreases around the edge of a lace pattern repeat, this is for a REASON. Knitting your swatch including just the pattern repeat and not the balanced parts on either side will only lead to pain and anguish. And frogging.
5. I only know about one hundredth of what my little digital camera will do and I really ought to read the instruction booklet.
6. That when a vendor won't sell you any more, you've probably bought enough fibre.
7. I can remember all of the steps of Carcassian Circle, St Bernard's Waltz, Dashing White Sargeants, Strip the Willow and the Gay Gordons
8. I'm a little out of condition for Ceilidh dancing.
9. That doesn't stop me though.

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scarletti said...

Very much enjoyed this post giggling through your insights!