Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Musings from JFK

Well, here's a first - I'm blogging in a public place! We're at JFK nice and early (flight leaves in two and a half hours) so I'm making use of the wireless network. This morning I got up early and, anxious not to miss a thing, was in Starbucks by 7am, reading and soaking up the bustle. I finished A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian by Marina Lewycka whilst I was there. There's some nice touches of satire in it, but an overwhelming poignancy in the family relationships. Not a bad read, though.

Later I fulfilled my last wish for this trip with a huge portion of Eggs Benedict, then we strolled along to the United Nations building for a nose around. You can take guided tours but we didn't, since a number of the rooms these tours take in were closed today.

On our way back, we got a slightly mad taxi driver, who wove from lane to lane as he tried to miss the traffic (fat chance!) I suspect New York Hack would not be impressed by the standard of driving, but I didn't snap a photo of him to post, since we were in an SUV and I felt (reasonably) safe up there.

And so... back to earth tomorrow. Be warned - I am dreadful at finding diversionary tactics - if there is a flurry of blog activity over the next few days, you'll know that the planning for next term is pressing and I'm finding any excuse to not knuckle down to it...

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