Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another Route March

I never intended for this to happen, but we did another route march today (Tuesday) - 42nd Street to 97th through the Upper East Side to the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, then onto the Guggenheim. However, the day was too glorious and I'm too much of a tight wad to pay $18 each when I know I don't want to be in there for more than an hour. Here is Theodore in the lobby, pretending he knows something about art.
I wish I could tell you who the artist was, but I suspect it's on a need to know basis, revealed only once you've paid admission.

We returned to Central Park to bask in the sunshine, then across to the Upper West Side. A quick diversion to Zabar's just for the experience of jostling with their "assertive" customers (their words, not mine; I'd have chosen downright rude for the ones who barged me out of the way!!), then onto the American Museum of Natural History which is an absolute gem. One of my boys is absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs (he has his heart set on being a palaeontologist - not bad for 6, huh?) so I think he might like these photos of Theodore with Triceratops and T-Rex:

It also has some amazing taxidermy exhibits, but A and I had an Eddie Izzard moment when we can across some cases of native North American mammals, such as beaver, bobcat and lynx. Instead of being artfully arranged into lifelike group poses in authentic habitats,as the African and Asian animals have been, these animals appeared to have been stapled to the wall, with their front paws together above their heads and their back paws hanging down below their tails. Did they run out of stuffing or what? Sadly A and I were so convulsed in hysterics by this time that we didn't think to take a photo...

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