Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool

I like it when April Fool's Day is at the weekend - lots of time to browse the papers to spot the hoaxes. My favourites this year are Cherie Blair getting the door to Number 10 painted red (to match the pillar box mouth, perhaps?) and the Chip and Sing - by 2009, all tills, telesales and secure internet sites will have microphones fitted so instead of entering a PIN when paying by card, customers sing a line of a well-known song and voice recognition software confirms the identity. In a way, it's a shame it won't come true , as it would save me a lot of money. My singing voice is so awful, I would never go shopping!

Talking of shopping, today I dropped A off at the airport and then found myself at the Trafford Centre (oops, how did I manage that wrong turn?) I finally succumbed to the Siren call of a Radley Bag although having perused the website, mine must be (shock horror!!!) autumn/winter 05/06! Passé already (that is so me...) It is lovely though, and I love the way it comes with the leather cream to keep it in good condition. My friends will never believe it, but I'm turning girlie!

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