Wednesday, August 08, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Earlier in the week, I received a gorgeous skein of laceweight cashmere from HipKnits, ready to knit the first project in the HipKnits Project club. This is a year long club designed to allow participants to widen their experience. The first project is a lace shawl called Della, a type of knitting I have only attempted with 4ply before. Here's the yarn:

It's in a colour called "Surf" and it's so soft.

However I am slightly embarrassed that I already have six (yep, count 'em) projects on the needles, and I feel I ought to shift some of them before I cast on for Della. To this end, I have decided to start a Work In Progress Wednesday feature, to shame me into finishing some of these projects.

First up is the first Raindrops sock (apologies for dark photo, but it does at least show up the raindrop pattern a bit - with a flash, all the definition was lost).

This is from the Simply Knitting/Fyberspates sock club, which will provide me with pattern and yarn at the rate of one a month for six months. Sad to say, this is the first installment, from June. However I only cast on on Sunday and because it's on 3.25mm needles, it's knitting up really quickly.

Secondly we have Pondemonium, a jumper for my friend's little boy to grow into.

I cast on for this last week (31st July) since I couldn't resist trying something on circulars that was bigger than a sock! However this will not progress for a while since I need the next colour yarn and haven't got hold of it yet (I know, I know! I thought I had some oddments in my stash that would do, but they are aran weight, not DK). Rowan Wool Cotton is lovely to knit with though, this fairly glided (glid?) off of the needles...

Next up is Clapotis in Rowan Tapestry, which is not the best yarn for the dropped stitch design but is very cosy and definitely passes the cheek test.

I cast on for this in the first week of July and it's making steady progress. It's great for alternating with socks when I get cramp from 2.5mm DPNs.

Fourthly is the Tidal Waves socks I'm knitting in TOFUtsies.

I cast on in June, but haven't done any on this since a dental appointment on the 2nd July. I loved knitting the patterned cuff, but am now on the foot in plain stocking stitch and I am SOOOO bored with it. I put it down to knit the Sockapalooza socks and I can't face picking it up again and then knitting a second one. I'm also concerned that the foot is going to be a bit baggy and feel I should maybe frog the foot and redo it in a 2.25mm. Can't face it, so it's in the bottom on the bag...

Next it's an Icarus shawl, which I feel a bit guilty about.

I cast on for this on April 6th with purple 4ply my Secret Pal Hanna sent me to entice me to try lace and I love knitting it. I got quite a bit done during the Easter holidays, but then put it by to return to socks - from May to July I have knit three pairs of socks as gifts - and haven't returned to it. Sorry Icarus, I am a BAD knitter.

Finally it's the tank top in alpaca.

I love the yarn, I love the pattern. I was, at the time of purchase and casting on, just finishing my first ever sock, which dates it to around January/February and I was desperate to see if I could knit what my mother would call a real garment (she's baffled by my sock obsession). However, I decided to ignore the fact that the largest size in the pattern is not going to fit me. I'm about halfway up the ribbing for the back and I just haven't got the heart to make and seam (I hate seaming) a top that I won't be able to wear.

So there they are. Watch this space to monitor progress, I will not be taking bets on which ones will not be seen again for a while...

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