Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Very Expensive Wash

This afternoon, I went to Liverpool to HM Identify and Passport Service offices to fast track my application for a replacement passport. I'd like to complain about the process, but I have to say they were amazingly professional and very slick. I was actually seen before my appointment time and because the personal details page wasn't actually damaged beyind recognition, I was told that I could actually take the priority service and collect my new passport at the end of the day. Since I was already paying £91 for the one week Fast Track as opposed to the usual £66 return in a month option, I thought I might as well go the whole hog. £108, but at least I could then book a holiday for 10 days time without panicking that I wouldn't be able to travel.

Let this be a cautionary tale - when you return from Ireland, it is classed as a domestic flight so no-one checks your passport. If, like me, your routine is to carry your passport in your pocket until final inspection and then return it to the rucksack before going home and slinging your travelling trousers in the wash, you would do well to change your routine.


On the plus side, hanging around Liverpool for an extra 4 hours gave me loads of time to work on Raindrops - I've actually cast on for the second sock now! I also had a delightful conversation in Starbucks with an incredibly well-mannered 9 year old boy who wanted to find out all about my knitting. Believe it or not, that's the first time anyone's ever mentioned my knitting when I've been knitting on my own in public. Does that make me an ambassador now? Sadly, it was just as I needed to return to pick up my new passport, otherwise I would have offered to let him have a go!

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