Wednesday, August 15, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Well, a week soon whizzes round, doesn't it? So what's been happening with my knitting? Well, here are the projects that have had some work on them this week.

Firstly, Clapotis:

Last week, I had done five repeats of the 13 needed for the straight section; Ive now completed 10 in total. I am very tempted to continue this past the 13 repeats needed, since I bought 6 balls of yarn and I'm only just getting to the end of the third. I'll see what the length is like when I get to the end of the 13th.

A quick sneak into this week's entry is Pondemonium - the red came in the post today, so I started the colour work. It's not bad, cionsidering it's my first real attempt at stranded colour work - a little puckered on inspection, but I haven't got to it with a needle to ease any of the stitches out yet. It's now reached an empasse again, since I am waiting on finding the next colour, too.

On to the Raindrops socks. I've completed the first sock and I'm on the heel of the second. The cast off gave me a few problems, as it comes half way up my calf, so even casting off as loosely as I have ever done was too tight. After ripping the top two pattern repeats, reknitting on larger needles and then ripping again due to the resultant pooling (which looked horrid against the rest) I reknit those pattern repeats AGAIN and then used a picot cast off. Possibly a bit girly for what will essentially be thick boot socks, but there you go - I didn't want to waste any of the yarn, so just kept on going on that first one, till I'd used the first skein up.

I've also knitted 10 rows on Icarus, but there is no discernable difference in the photos, so I'm not putting it up.

I've also done some school work, which is becoming my priority WIP and booked a holiday for next week. The planned Interrail type trip of Switzerland, Tyrollean Austria and Northern Italy didn't get of the ground - I'd left it too late for decent flights - so we are going to Denmark and Sweden instead. Within it there will be two substantial train journeys, so lots of time to finish Clapotis, I think!

Finally, I made some stitch markers for prizes for the Sock A Month 4 knitalong.


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