Thursday, August 16, 2007

Did you feel the earth move?

Last Friday I was in the centre of Manchester at 11.50am when the city was hit by an earthquake measuring 2.5 on the Richter scale. Although the epicentre was in the east of the city, the tremors were felt in the city centre, reports stated.

Well, not by me, they weren't.

I have slept through a number of minor earthquakes in Britain before now, and we missed the 13 or so that hit Manchester in October 2002 as we were in Italy at the time, but I think last Friday has to be the first time I've actually been awake and present on the spot so to speak, and the earth still didn't move for me, darling.

There was another reason for the earth to tip on its axis on Friday, at least in the Manchester area. I moved to the North West nearly 20 years ago and Tony Wilson was almost immediately on the radar - in fact it was hard to watch the regional news or listen to music and NOT know who he was, or have an opinion on the self-promoting eejit. But time softens many things, including people's attitudes and in recent years I have viewed Tony Wilson as a vital part of the region's fabric, someone who felt it important to promote the area (and this coming from a southern girl). And he was behind Factory Records and The Haçienda, and for that I think I could forgive him anything. He was a character and will be sorely missed.

I am currently reading Stuart Maconie's Pies and Prejudice and the almost constant references to Anthony H Wilson in the section I read at the weekend are poignant, to say the least.

RIP Mr Manchester.

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