Friday, March 23, 2007

Sunshine in a Box

Yesterday I had a really crappy day. I'm not going to go into why here, but suffice to say I was a bit of a mess by the time I got home. That's what made this:
so nice when I got home. I mean, even the packaging made me feel better. My Secret Pal sent this from Helsinki and I was thrilled to open it to find these goodies:

Yes, that does indeed look like an egg box!
So I started to unpack it, and I found two types of herbal tea - Cheery Rainy Day (the name itself made me smile!) and Caribbean Sun, treats and toys for the girls, an egg box with real eggs in, a parcel and a card.

On closer inspection, the eggs are a Finnish Easter speciality - almond nougat inside real egg shells.

Aren't they pretty? They survived surprisingly intact, and I've been very self-controlled - after all, it isn't Easter yet! Finally I opened the card (I forgot to take a photo of that) which had a lovely drawing of daffodils on (my favourite spring flower - they always make me smile!) and the parcel, which contained three skeins of a gorgeous silk and wool mix and a 2.5mm 80cm circular needle - Addi no less!

My Secret Pal correctly surmised that I have not tried any lace knitting yet so suggested I might try a shawl with it, although she says I can do socks if I want. However I think I may have found a lace shawl pattern that I understand, so you never know, I might well rise to the challenge!

This really was like a ray of sunshine on a dull day and it cheered me up more than my Secret Pal could possibly know. Lilly and Stella send big purrs for the toys and treats, and I send my heartfelt thanks. I hope you are as spoiled as I have been!


Seahorse said...

What a great Secret Pal! Very fitting that the parcel arrived on a day you really needed it too.

Hope things are looking up now.

Nic said...

Thanks Seahorse.

Yesterday was yesterday, and I'm now far enough removed to realise that it wasn't me, and no one could have predicted it (I'm making it sound more dramatic than it is, really!)

Bobbi said...

What a great package! Lucky You!