Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday!

Well, it's been a year since I first dipped my toe in, so to speak. Hasn't it gone quick? Looking back, I didn't start with a "Why am I doing this?" type of post - I just jumped straight in with a very muddy walk. "Sound familiars...", I hear my friends mutter, "always in feet first...".

So, why did I start this? The honest answer is, I'm not really sure. I wasn't knitting then, so I didn't need anywhere to show off my socks - in fact a year ago, if someone told me that within the year I would have knitted 10 hats, 2 pairs of socks, 2 and a half scarves and one and three quarter baby blankets, I would have laughed outright. It's not like I post exclusively about education like Primary Teacher UK - after all, why try and make a poor imitation of what is a very good blog? Unlike Neil and Claire or Lou, I don't have a bundle of joy to blog about, and even I'm not sappy enough to think that the world revolves around my cats - I mean, I love them, but since one spends most of the time under the bed and the other, whilst in full view, spends most of the time asleep, it's not exactly... scintillating.

But I did enjoy reading my friends' blogs and, because I am such a dingbat at times and stupid things do happen to me on a sometimes frightening frequent basis, I thought it might be interesting to jot these things down - even if all they did was provide A with a way of keeping up with my disasters whilst he was abroad. So far this has been a good way to inform him of outrageous spending, conversations with nutters, cat abuse, my attempts at grand larceny and fessing up to fancying Hugh Grant. Bless him, he's taken it all in his stride...

But then something lovely happened. You started to read it too. Then some of you left comments and now... well, it's really nice to feel that someone's reading it somewhere. I'm no writer or poet (I'll leave that to those with the talent, like Jane and the Mad Muthas) but I do enjoy burbling away to myself, and you, Dear Reader.

So... happy blogiversary to me, thank you for reading and raise your glasses to Neil and Claire, because if I hadn't read theirs, I wouldn't have got started. (See Lou, Claire's an inspiration to us all!!)


Jane Henry said...

Happy 1st birthday Nic.

I know I don't come visiting all that often, but I enjoy it when I do, and you've given me a great perspective on education from the other side of the fence.

And don't be so modest!!

love Jane

Lou said...

Without your blog (which lead to me to Claire's as well)... Anna may never have got to read about her early years adventures with her insane mother!I'm sure she will thank you in person in a few years from now. Without your blog, I think I would have also felt rather alienated from teaching! Reading your entries makes me remember what teaching is really like - the wonderful parts and the not-so-wonderful days as well!

Thank you for keeping me entertained!

Love Lou xx

Nic said...


Seahorse said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Loved your comment on my blog re the Whatsit/Quaver issue! Brilliant!