Saturday, June 09, 2007


Today is Worldwide Knit in Public Day, so no prizes for guessing what I did today...

Lots of us from the knit group met in Knutsford for lunch and sat at the largest table of the wine bar knitting little hats for Innocent smoothie bottles. I know that sounds strange, but they will be part of the Supergran project, which will take place this winter, raising money for Age Concern. Read more about it here.

Of course, being me, I'd completely forgotten that Rowan had got together with Innocent to promote WWKIP Day, so I turned up with my large knitting bag and a whole lot of sock yarn, not double knitting. Luckily, everyone else had more brains than me and Bethany had brought along a huge bag of odds and ends that she very kindly let me dive into.

For a slow knitter like me, today was fab. I finished three hats whilst I was out and a lovely child who had come along with her mum made matching pom-poms for us all to sew onto them. Caroline made three rabbit hats, complete with ears. Here is the first one:

Isn’t it brilliant?

After a nice lunch and a few stares from passers-by who could see us through the open window, we decamped to Costa Coffee for a couple of hours, where we met up with some knitters who hadn't come for lunch. I'm not quite sure what they thought of us in Costa, because we were sent right to the back and later on, we realised we'd been cordoned off down at that end! No matter, because after the best part of 5 hours knitting, we had quite a range of hats.

The photo above shows a selection of them, expertly modelled by some smoothie bottles and our pom-pom maker extraordinaire. Look for Una's, with the pigtails - I can almost hear the yodelling that goes with that one! I love the ladybird with the enormous antennae, too. There were loads of stripy ones, which was the intermediate pattern on the Innocent card, and a couple of ladybirds, like the advanced pattern (but customised, of course!).

Most of us deviated from the basic pattern at some point. Mine were a little more conservative, using one colour yarn and the basic pattern for the first one, with a tassel instead of a pom-pom to be different. Then I started experimenting with texture on the second and third ones. I started a stripy one just before we packed up for the afternoon. The photo on the right is one I took when I got home (oh look, it's the laminate floor again!). These hats are very addictive, since they are so quick. I have a whole pile of coloured yarn now and lots of ideas swirling round me head. Doctor Who beckons, so I'm off to knit me some more little hats!


Stomper Girl said...

That sounds fantastic, a day of knitting in good company for a good cause. I think I like your tassel hat the best. But don't the snooty caff people know that knitting is cool these days?

Lou said...

I love the Hats and the whole idea behind it! I will buying several innocent drinks with little hats! So what if you haven;t got the reports, writing assessments, planning, moderation files etc done. Hats and having lunch with like-minded people is much more fun and good for the soul!!