Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where’s the ChronoGuard when you need it?

Work (and therefore life as we currently know it) is very busy at the moment. Reports need to be completed by 19th June, speaking & listening and science assessments need to be annotated and in order for the moderators’ visit next week, the writing assessment I’ll do on Friday needs to be marked over the weekend, also in readiness for moderation next week, and next week’s planning needs to be done. Oh and tonight and tomorrow it’s Parents’ Evening.

I am determined to go to lunch with the knitting group on Saturday, so therefore, I really do need the help of SpecOps 12*, aka the ChronoGuard, to freeze time for me and let me get a head start.

However, I did managed to find time to ooh and aah over my latest parcel from my Secret Pal. More details tomorrow…

*Don’t know what SpecOps 12 is? You obviously don’t read Jasper Fforde, then…

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