Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day

At the weekend I popped down to see Mum & Dad. They must have had so much fun, I sat in the front room, immediately borrowed their laptop and proceeded to spend the majority of the time I was there writing reports.

Fantastic company, me.

Anyway, as you can see from the ticker bar, I'm nearly done. The more observant of you will have noticed I have missed today's deadline, but I have squared it with the boss - and since part of it's because we're horse trading over the writing assessments, I can hardly write the Literacy part of the report, can I?

Anyway, it was lovely to see Mum and Dad, and I couldn't help think about how different it was compared to last year, when we were so worried about Dad. Things are looking good, however; the consultant recently told him he didn't want to see him for another year, so that's good news. I was also able to give Dad his Father's Day present:

Ta da! Plain Tales Productions Proudly Present: Nic's first ever design!

OK, so it's not actually that taxing, these socks, but I did work from measurements and make them up all by myself!

Pattern: My own, based on a 4x2 rib cuff with stocking stitch heel flap, 4x2 rib instep and stocking stitch sole
Yarn: Regia 4 ply in Helsinki
Needle: 2.5mm DPNs

The ankle fits fine, which was what I was most concerned about, but next time, I need about 6 stitches less in each round of the foot and about 5 rows less. He also says next time can he have a longer cuff (don't you just love the assumptions made here?). However, the fit isn't too bad at all bearing in mind I cast on for the first one the last time I saw him and there has been no opportunity for trying on for size.

The next pair are for my Sockapalooza4 pal. Again, I'm branching out into design for a very personal pair - no photos yet, but I'll show soon!

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Hanna said...

You have knitted beautiful socks to your dad. I didn't know that Regia has made sock yarn called Helsinki.