Sunday, June 03, 2007

Meet the Husband...

I'm not really being nasty, this is exactly how he was made to feel yesterday when he was shopping...

Let me explain.

A couple of weeks ago, his old Nokia hands-free kit (you know, the type with a wire) finally bit the dust, so we went yesterday to buy another. Easy, huh?

Well, no.

It took until the sixth shop to find one. Every single assistant asked what he wanted, he explained, and then the tumbleweed would roll across the shop floor as they gathered their thoughts and replied "We only sell Bluetooth, now, sir".

After the fourth shop, I said, "You'll have to just get a Bluetooth, love".

"No", he yelped, "I refuse to look like a sci-fi extra. Ten years ago you knew if you saw someone talking to themselves in the street, they were a loon. Now, you can't tell! I refuse to look like an eejit".

With that, the dinosaur turned and lumbered on to the next shop.

He was thrilled to find what he wanted in the sixth shop, but it should be noted that it was the last one in stock...


Anonymous said...

In couple of years your husband has to use bluetooth and I think he'll regret that haven't got it earlier. I have bluetooth in my work-mobile and it so useful because I can use computer while talking to customer. I would like to have it at home too I could knit while talking to someone.

Nowadays it's normal to talk "alone".

Greetings from land of Nokia,

Secret Pal

Jane Henry said...

ha... I live with a dinosaur too. Mine doesn't DO computers. Or get email. Or blogging... Which does have the advantage of leaving me to the computer all by myself! Tho' I have to fess up to getting fed up with this constant desire for upgrading all the time. At a time when we should be conserving we so casually consume.

rivergirlie said...

well i really hope he doesn't become extinct - because he's absolutely right!

Lucy said...

I can kind-of see what he means though. Didn't they use those bluetooth things to suck people's brains out in Doctor Who? Anyway, mine keeps falling out of my ear. Bring back the old wires, that's what I say :-)

Stomper Girl said...

I'm not even sure what Blurtooth means so I do sypmathise with the dinosaur. But I would have upgraded to make myself look cooler.

Love that he says eejit.