Thursday, June 28, 2007

All Quiet...?

It's been a bit quiet here in Plain Tales Towers because the PC seems to have the technical equivalent of ADHD and cannot concentrate on anything to do with an internet connection for long. Don't you just love all these new speedy ways to communicate? Not.

Anyway, I digress... I've ground that axe often enough this week to anyone who will listen, and no I'm taking advantage of a necessary long stay at work for the Summer Bingo this evening to catch up with you all.

(Adopts bad impersonation of Australian accent)
Can you tell what it is yet?

Yep, it's the heel flap on my Sockapalooza4 Pal's socks. Overall, I think I'm pleased with the way they are turning out. I have now got further than this, having completed the decreases on the gusset. I've mastered the seamless intarsia for the foot (white instep, red sole but dead battery hense no photo), but I've now reached that horrible stage where I can see where I could have done things slightly differently to make an improvement and I can't decide whether to just stop now and view this as a prototype or whether to soldier on and waste time. I'm veering towards the restart, since my Pal's preference was for short cuffs. I have indeed knitted shorter cuffs than I do for my own socks, but I think they could look cuter shorter with a turned down top. The top of the cuff is also navy blue, I hasten to add.

Springwatch at the Plain

In the past few weeks, it's all been hapening in my garden. First of all, Lilly nearly wet herself with fright coming face to face with a hedgehog three weeks ago. I took a photo but forgot to put it on my memory stick, so phoo-ey.

Then I had a mini-invasion by a magpie and a grey squirrel simultaneously, neither of which have been seen here before.

Then two weeks ago tomorrow I was about to rinse out my breakfast bowl, when I spotted a bird of prey in the middle of the lawn during a toenrial downpour. It flew onto the seat at the back, where I took a pretty dreadful picture of it from an upstairs window.

It was trying to eat its breakfast and left feathers all over the back of the chair... I haven't been able to identify it, since the light flash on the back of its head is foxing Dad and I but it could well be a juvenile.

Then finally, last Tuesday I came into the kitchen in time to see a Greater spotted Woodpecker dangling off of the peanut feeder. Sadly it flew away before I could get my camera.

Who needs Bill Oddie?

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