Sunday, February 04, 2007

Call the RSPCA....

Long term readers will remember the time Lilly got shut in the office whilst I was out.

Today, sadly, A has managed to surpass that little mishap.

Big time.

On Saturday he was in the back bedroom, picking his way around the clutter trying to find the clothes (he is convinced I hide them) when he kicked shut one of the divan drawers under the bed.

When we arrived home today, Lil came for some tea, but there was no sign of Stella. After and hour and a half, A decided he would go and see if he could find her.

She wasn't under our bed, on the spare bed or warming herself on the radiator pipes on the landing. Having seen her jump into the back bedroom a couple of times recently, he stepped in and stood stock still.

A very faint miaow was heard.

Yep, you guessed it. Poor Stella had been shut in the drawer for 29 hours...

UPDATE 8-2-07
Apologies for the apparent tardiness over this post. I've changed to New Blogger and it's pants trying to log in. I don't know why it hasn't put this up before, but it hasn't.
Stella is now fully recovered, although a little wary of getting to close to our feet...

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