Thursday, February 01, 2007

Into the arms of Morpheus...

Tonight I am going to sleep.

Sorry, does that seem unusual to you? Perhaps not, but since last Saturday night, sleep has been a precious commodity that has deserted me entirely.

A prize among rubies.

As rare as hens' teeth.

* Insert own cliché here

At its very worst (Tuesday, I think), I went to bed at 12.50 am and was awake again by 3.15. After lying fitfully, I gave in and went downstairs, to do some more work.

And the reason for this great disruption?

OFSTED, of course.

But they left today, and it has gone ok. We couldn't ask for more. Nothing they said was anything we didn't already know.

Saints preserve me, but on reflection I have to say (sleep deprivation aside) I found it a positive experience (Hey, couldn't be any worse on a personal level from the last one I experienced in a school...)


I am not dead, and hopefully, more frequent blogging will occur.

Thank you all for your patience, and thanks to L and K in particular for moral support above and beyond.

A is just pleased to have me back...

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