Wednesday, November 14, 2007

W is for Wednesday, WIP and wee

I have only worked on one project this week - the mystery object, which now looks like this (apologies for image, it was taken on the phone. The camera is at work....)

Lilly continues from strength to strength, you wouldn't realise that on Friday I thought she was at death's door.


Today has been... interesting.

Tomorrwo we take her back to the vet's, with a urine sample.

No, seriously...

"I have two cats, the other one uses the litter tray more than Lilly, how will I...?" I asked the vet on Saturday.

"Oh, we give you this litter, it doesn't absorb the wee, so you can tip the litter tray up and pippette some out into a sample tube. Just shut her in for a while. she won't like it, but it shouldn't be too difficult."

She obviously doesn't know Lilly.

This morning, I scooped her up and took her upstairs to have her antibiotic (nicely wrapped in tuna) in our bedroom. Biscuits, water and the spare (open) litter tray were already up there. I gave her her tablet, then stood her in the admittedly smal;l amount of litter, to try to give her the idea. She glared at me, as if to say, don't interrupt me when I'm eating tuna, woman. I left her to it and shut the door on her.

Unfortunately, I was a little later home than expected. I shot upstairs and let myself into the bedroom to find...

Zip. Nada. Niente.

Apart, of course, from a very disgruntled cat who had spent ten and a half hours in my bedroom with all she needed, but decided that since it was a room she never went to the toilet in, she wasn't going to start now. She hobbled out, legs and indeed eyes crossed, made it down stairs and tried to get into the usual, enclosed litter tray. I whipped the lid off and almost took her back legs off as she was a little slower walking in than I had thought. I was hoping I could pick her up and pop her into the sample collection tray.

Oh folly.

By this time she was furious, wriggled, then stalked out of the catflap and promptly visited her usual spot to relieve herself. Grrr.

The rest of the evening has been spent juggling different litter trays.

Don't like an open tray? That's okay, I'll swap the litter round.

Sample collection litter isn't the requisite 4 cm deep? Tough, I only have a small amount.

Don't want me to watch? Ok, I'll just leave it down here for a while.

Oh no! Stella's heading for the litter tray, abort mission, abort, abort!

I have accepted defeat. I know when I am beaten.


Anonymous said...

Cats take great pleasure in doing the exact opposite of what you want them to do, they wouldn't be cats if they did things to order. When my cat needed a urine sample, the vet did something like squeezing his bladder to make him wee into a pot, which was uncomfortable for him for a few seconds but a lot easier than collecting it from him at home.

Your mystery object looks guess is a loo roll holder. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

woolydoodles said...

Hiya I've come accross your blog via Laughing mouse. I think I know what your knitting cos I've wanted to do one for a while! I totally understand about the cat wee thing, we had to try and get a sample from one of ours not so long ago, which failed miserably. It's almost as tho the cat is saying 'No! I will not do it!' lol
Take care
Love n hugs
Mel x