Saturday, November 10, 2007

Animal Update

Thank you for the kind comments sent about Lilly. I was phoned at 9 this morning by the vet, who told me that she was so chirpy that she felt she could come home and continue antibiotics at home. The tests she has had done appear to indicate that she is suffering from nothing worse than an upset tummy from some toxin she's ingested and a probable case of cystitis. This is an immense relief. I do view my cats as my babies, but I also feel that there has to be a sensible line drawn regarding how much invasive and/or expensive treatment you are prepared to spend. This is the first time we've ever been in the position where we might have had to discuss the issue and as I watched her gulping water down ysterday, my heart sank when I thought it might be diabetes.

I know this makes me sound like a heartless cow, but I also worry about how good I would be at injecting her with insulin every day. I find it tricky enough to worm her, let alone stab her with a needle!

As I write, she is curled up asleep on the sofa, as happy as Larry. When she is awake, her eyes are sparkling and she has snacked on tuna extensively during the afternoon. Hurrah!

And talking of animals, I went to the sorting office and picked up my Monkey package today. Thank you Monkey Pal Angela!

The box contained lots of goodies, including an amazing dishcloth with a monkey knitted into it. I've only been able to find white or ecru dishcloth cotton in the UK, but they are far more colourful in the States. What an incentive to keep my kitchen clean! There is a cool Monkey stick puppet kit (how did Angela know I have a weakness for funky foam?) a Monkey bag and some luscious Lorna's Laces in Daffodil. Again, a blinding choice in colours! the postcard shows a map of Oregon, where Angela lives. (I've just realised I could have included a postcard of Northwihc in my parcel for my Monkey Pal AJ. As it was, I forgot to include the lengthy letter I had written, like the true idiot I am. Sorry AJ!)

Inside the box were some stitch markers including a monkey one. Inside the bag were gorgeous purple Monkey socks. They feel so soft!

Thank you Angela!


Anonymous said...

If you don't like worming, get some "Panacur Favourites". My old vet put me onto these and Tali goes nuts for them, they're like little meaty treats that cats love and he hasn't a clue he's being wormed. My new vet doesn't do them and it's a long trek to my old vet, so I get them from which is just down the road from you in Beeston.

Oh how I miss Cheshire (but not Warrington as it is a grim little hole)!

Anonymous said...

Remind me to tell you about the whole 'going to Sorrento when fat cat got cystitis and leaving him with my mother who lost him' story tonight. Sorry about the trip to London though.