Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Those of you who have been popping in for a while may remember that I got rather twitchy about this time last year. You may even remember why.

Well, it's happening again... in less than 3 weeks.


Here is a picture to give you a clue as to what is currently running through my mind when I turn the lights out.


Louise said...

Am I correct in thinking it is the Christmas play again???

What is it going to be this year?

Just as long as you don't have any tinsel tidiers!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you got the hump? :-)

I remember one infant school nativity play when the head fell off the baby Jesus and rolled under the front row and the shepherds were picking their noses. Another one I played the Virgin Mary which seems ridiculous with hindsight!

bronchitikat said...

My mother-in-law was a school dinner lady for a while. She said all the dinner staff would dread the coming of November & "That Dratted Little Donkey" being sung, every year, ad infinitum, as they made the dinners during the second half of the winter term.