Saturday, November 03, 2007


I woke early today, thanks to the cats - a covert attack this time, but enough to make going back to sleep nigh on impossible.

I never did lie-ins as a child - not an option in a bungalow with early-bird parents and a bedroom next to the kitchen. Even now, although I sleep later at the weekend than I ever have before, it's seldom past 8.30am. A has always had a talent for lie-ins, though, so early wake up calls at the wekend do allow me that glorious time when the house is almost silent.

Today, I curled up and caught up with some podcasts and worked on some socks (and yes, C, WIP Wednesday will make a comeback soon!). At about 9.30, there was a knock on the door and the postman handed me a large box - a parcel from my Secret Pal!

Doesn't it look fab?

First up, her own blend of lavender and mint tea, transfered into a bag so the jar didn't smash.

Then, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR needle rolls! She had emailed me to say that she had managed to gt some sewing done, but wow! Four! Two for DPNS and crochet hooks, one for straights and one for circs. They are beautiful and really well finished.

Then there was sheepy stationery. I have always been a sucker for this kind of thing, and I love the fact that the shopping list pad has a magnet so it can go on the fridge - or even on the magnetic board if I get it onto the wall (hey, it's only three and half years since I decorated the kitchen - and it's not like either of us trip on it where it is learning against a cupboard....)

Little candles and a maple syrup candy maple leaf next...

...and finally some yarn that she has dyed herself - gorgeous! I love the dark green in this and I already have an idea what to make in this (it'll just join a big queue!)

But the bit that gets me is this - look at the date on the postage label:

30th October. Tuesday. This parcel took four days to get here. From the States. So far I have sent two parcels to my Secret Pal that have had to cross the Atlantic, and neither of them have arrived. The latest one only went 9 days ago and the Sock Wars socks took 11 days, so no cause for alarm yet (although parcels in the summer were only taking one week to get there. Go figure) . However, the first parcel was sent at the end of September and should have left the country before the postal strike. Is it sat in Customs waiting to be strip-searched? Did the airmail label fall off and it is currently cruising the Atlantic, sipping cocktails on the poop deck? Or even worse, is it mouldering in a British sorting office, fallen down behind a rack?

Anyway, I have needles to sort and new yarn to console me. Thank you Secret Pal, you are a star!


Anonymous said...

My local postmistress loves to see what's in my packages, especially when they contain handmade stuff. When I do the sock exchanges I have to show both the socks I'm sending and the socks I receive. The patrons must really get a kick out of the crazy lady who comes in to show off the wild socks on her feet. ;)

Glad it all arrived safe and sound (as well as super speedy! That's twice as quick as the first package)


scarletti said...

You got great mail. i'm very envious, maybe i should sign up to this secret pal thing, tell me more!

Anonymous said...

Heads up!!! A monkey package is on its way to you from the west coast of the States. Hope you like it.

Monkey Pal

Anonymous said...

What a nice gift. Can you do a close-up of the card on top of your package? Is that a lady knitting?


AJ said...

Thank you soooo much! Scout is very jealous of my socks. When I put them on, she started to grab at them. She's a funny little bugger! I love everything!

Your SP package is great! I love the needle rolls. I'm in the midst of some sewing and I never thought to do crochet hook rolls. I'll have to see what I can do!