Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sockapalooza update

Last month I blogged about my Sockapalooza sock. After a week of consideration I did decide to start again with it. I haven't actually frogged the original yet, since it's very useful to have it to refer to, but here is version 2:

I didn't go for the turn down cuff in the end, but I did shorten it. I also made thinner stripes on the cuff, which I prefer, and added an additional navy stripe to ease the transition from cuff to foot - otherwise there was a red stripe followed immediately by the white instep and it jarred on me visually. I also changed the position of the gusset decreases so they didn't crash into the colour change on the seamless intarsia.

I won't tell you what I call these socks yet - I'd love it if someone, besides the knitting group who already know, was able to recognise what my inspiration for these socks was.

Soundtrack: Party Hard - Pulp; Land of Confusion - Genesis; Mi Bebe Masoquista - Fatboy Slim; Ready To Run - Dixie Chicks

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