Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Haven't blogged this before, but now seems about right. L, mother of the gorgeous Anna has decided not to return to work. I have missed her this year, more than she could possibly know, which is mad in a way as we had only worked together for a year. But that's how it goes.

On the plus side however, K returned to work this week - hurrah! She looks better than any mother of a 5 month old baby has a right to, but I'll forgive her. Stand us side by side and the excess weight and bags under the eyes make it look like I'm Bruce's mum...

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Lou said...

I miss working with you too Nic!!! Even though I am loving every second of being Anna's mummy, there are days when i miss teaching and sitting in the staffroom with you and K (normally with K and I saying how we couldn't ever see ourselves with a baby... how things change in such a short time!!) I am hoping that we can still meet up for coffee from time to time, even if it is with the new addition of some younger members!!