Tuesday, July 31, 2007


the Lone Star State socks!

I am so pleased with these socks, which I have designed for my Sockapalooza pal. And I have also finished them with two hours to spare to count for my July socks for Sock a Month 3. Woo hoo!

Pattern: my own, based on top-down with heel flap
Yarn: Angel Yarns Sock Yarn in Red, White and Blue
Needles: 2.5mm Addi DPNs


Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Oh, honey, those are the coolest socks ever! What would you sell the pattern for?

msubulldog said...

I love these socks and have a friend (a Texan) who they'd be perfect for. I second the motion for you to divulge the pattern, please! :)

Lou said...

Lovin' the socks Nic!!!

Brenda said...

oh these are awesome...let me know if you decide to share the pattern...wonderful!

Anonymous said...

You are gonna have folks begging for the pattern for those! I'm a Texan now and I want to make some!!!
You did a great job!

Enid said...

If you sell this pattern ...honestly I will give a try to socks....I love to work with colors..

Nic said...

Gosh! *blush*

I'm about to go away for a few days. The pattern is scribbled in my notebook, after I get back I'll try to work it up into a format for others to follow. I want my Pal to get the first ever pair, but I'm very flattered that you would like the pattern. Be warned! I have never done it before, so they may be awful to follow!

I'll contact those that I can, but some of you who have commented don't have a blog/public blogger profile, so keep popping back to check on it. Alternatively, drop me a line at talesfromtheplain AT googlemail DOT com.

Thanks so much!

Teresa said...

Texan. Moving to Maryland (today). In need of warm socks. Loving yours!!!
Please let me know when you update with the pattern...I'm not set up to bookmark you at this time. :-)