Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This always happens!

I've got to this point of the holidays, where I should have done more school work than I have. The grand Spring Clean has been half completed, but has ground to a halt due to lack of time (A has gone back to work), wardrobe space (really need to work out how to make better use of the space in the wardrobe, it's a terrible design) and, let's be frank, inspiration. I have thrown away loads of paper, but there still seems to be loads left.

But some things have gone well. A and I went to Keswick over Easter and we managed a nice 8 mile walk around Derwentwater. I was really pleased with how well we coped with it, since neither of us have walked since Hadrien's Wall and we've both put on weight since then. There is hope! When A comes back from the US next week, we plan to start walking properly again.

This was the view from near the Lodore Hotel, across to the west side of Derwentwater. It was truly magical.

The view from our hotel window wasn't bad, either, but unfortunately I didn't take a photo of it until I was leaving on Monday when it was overcast and the mist was down.

Not a bad view to wake up to though, is it?

Soundtrack: Eminem - Lose Yourself, My Name Is

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