Monday, April 02, 2007

Archaeology and a FO (finally)

Well, I'm taking a quick break for a bacon buttie. I can see the carpet in the office, but sadly it's at the expense of the sitting room floor, which is currently covered in piles of books and papers that need sorting.

Meanwhile, the debris upstairs has now spread into the guest room and across the landing. I'm not convinced we'll ever find the spare bed again.

But every cloud has a silver lining.

While A was turfing out the back bedroom, he found the whale, which dates from 1994. 20 minutes later and I'd stitched his flippers on and added eyes, so here he is in all his glory:

As you can see, Lil is impressed. Not.

Pattern: Essentials Magazine, June 1994 (I don't think the magazine exists any more!)
Yarn: Lost the label, but it's DK
Needles: 4mm

So there you are. My oldest UFO is now finished, nearly 13 years after he was started. Beat that!

Soundtrack to this post: Money- Pink Floyd; Santa Cruz - Fatboy Slim; If Love Was a Train - Michelle Shocked; Another Man's Cause - The Levellers; Let's Get Tattoos - Carter USM


Karen said...

Congrats on the FO!! The whale looks great!! Good luck with your organizing!

Seahorse said...

Lol! Great stuff!

Stomper Girl said...

What a fantastic whale. Well done for (FINALLY) finishing him!!