Friday, May 12, 2006

Tempus Fugit

Where is the time going? I'm horrified that it's almost the middle of May already. It's been a bit quiet on the blog front recently, as I've been busy with recording and marking assessments. I've also been wrestling with all sorts of other minor (and not so minor) irritants, such as heels breaking on shoes, resulting in attending a Governing Body meeting in my stockinged feet (I guess the eejit I sat next to thought the Sandie Shaw comment was funny - what's sadder is that a number of staff members older than me didn't get the reference...). I've also spent a bit of time off and on over the last ten days trying to sort out an erroneous direct debit payment, which means £500 of mine is currently floating around in cyberspace, and the intended recipient is baying for the money. Deep joy...

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