Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is my life

..or at least it has been the last week! 18 months ago, I made a pinwheel sweater for a friend's little girl, then used the rest of the yarn to make one for my cousin's little girl a few months later (pics here and here) For my birthday last year A bought me the yarn to make one for myself and this month I finally cast on for it. It is the biggest thing I have ever knit, having now exceeded the baby blankets. I only have 21 rounds left to finish the body, but each round has about 450 stitches in it. It sits in my lap, a great puddle of knitting, as I trudge round and round.

So of course, what I really need as I wrestle with it and try and finish it off, is this:

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Louise said...

The pinwheel jacket that you made for Anna is gorgeous!!! Funnily enough, I was having a spring clean in Anna's wardrobe this week, sorting out clothes to take to charity etc. I came across the pinwheel jacket and even said aloud 'Isn't this gorgeous Anna'. Anna went 'mmmm... delicious'. (I think she was getting it confused with food!!). It then went into my box of treasured things, to be kept forever!
Hope you had a lovely holiday!