Sunday, March 02, 2008

February FOs

The good thing about not casting anything on is... I'm finally finishing some things! Do you realise for all the knitting in January, I didn't actually finish anything?

My Red cable hat was the first finished object this year, on February 12th.

Pattern: Simple Hat and Scarf set from Cables Untangled
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK
Needles: 4mm (I think)

Then a few days later, I finished Eleanor's Pinwheel. The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed there is NO loopy border (even though it was in the photo at the end of January...) About a week before her birthday, I realised I would never finish the border in time so I ripped it and just did a plain cast off. Although I tried hard with the sleeves, I still didn't make it in time for her birthday. In fact, although I finished it 8 days late, I'm ashamed to say I still haven't sent it*, since I wanted to show it to a couple of people first. Slacker.

Pattern: Pinwheel Sweater
Yarn: Alpaca Select DK in various colours
Needles: 5mm
Mods: I added an extra two rows to nearly every colour (couldn't quite squeeze enough out of the penultimate colour though!) then knitted 13 inch sleeves. I think it's going to last her for some time...

Finally, at 8 minutes to midnight on Friday 29th, I finished Dad's Christmas socks, just in time to count for my February socks for the Sock a Month Knitalong.

Pattern: my own, based on 5x2 rib
Yarn: Fabel by Garnstudio, bought in Gothenburg in the summer
Needles: 2.5mm

(*Edited 3-3-08: have now put it in the post, thankfully!)


scarletti said...

Wow, these look brilliant. I LOVE the hat, especially the shaping at the crown, it looks very neat.

Jane Henry said...

Hi Nic, haven't been by for a while (sorry, busy busy busy). But a) thought you might like to see the You Tube vid I've posted of Vince and Flavia doing the tango, along with my opinings on that and trying to finish a deadline and b) am thinking about book 3 and really would like to pick your brains about putting on nativity plays and being a teacher. You can email me at:

atb love jx (And thanks for putting PN on your side panel!)

PS Not much of a knitter really, but my aged aunt is and she taught me to knit when I was young. I was crap, but it always made me laugh. I saw her recently and remembered it...