Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Of course, the downside of spending the housekeeping on yarn is that one must be somewhat frugal until the next payday - which is over two weeks away. Cauliflower cheese, anyone?


ania65 said...

Had it last week...when all the cauliflower was gone there was still lots of cheese sauce left over...so I cooked up some macaroni and made it into mac 'n cheese.....cashmere anyone ???

scarletti said...
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scarletti said...

This time, I'll type with some semblance of English:

Hmmm... let us re-read your Ravelry New Year (ish) Resolutions...!

Best get knitting girl, no time to eat!

Andy said...

I am more worried about what we do when we decide to sell the house. Detached house with two bedrooms and an yarn room, sorry third bedroom, doesnt sell if me!