Wednesday, May 06, 2009

All buttoned up!

So, I've knit a bag in scratchy scratchy Herdwick:

and felted it:

So now what I want to know is...

Should I put buttons on it?

When I bought the yarn last year, I bought the buttons specifically to use as embellishments, but I actually quite like the bag bare. Before I wear a hole in my finger sewing them on (and you all know just HOW much I love sewing!) I'd love to know your opinion. I won't be doing anything before the beginning of next week at the very earliest, since it's the Year 5 residential this weekend, so you have a few days to let me know your opinion.

Edited to replace crappy poll that doesn't work with a Blogger one on the sidebar


scarletti said...

Hmm, cannot get vote thang to work for me, so here we are: no, but..
see I needed a third option. No to THOSE buttons, and no to plain. I think you should embroider an intricate flower design using an array of would be good for you, good for the soul, like report writing! It's your bag... cheat stick the buttons on if you want them?!

Amber said...

I agree with Scarletti (the voting thing wouldn't work for me either). No to the buttons, but something else would be good. I'm a fan of needle felting a little extra something on felted projects. You could do just about any motif you'd like, and would just add a little something to an already wonderful bag.

Penny said...

I liked the buttons. They are quite subtle.

(Did you use a pattern?)