Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mystery Object Revealed

Remember this? When Mrs T thought it might be a loo roll holder, I didn’t know whether to take a huff or not. Then I flicked through Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer(of Woolly Thoughts fame) new book on toilet roll holders and decided they were no longer the hideous crinoline ladies of yore.

However, it was not a loo roll holder. Sorry Mrs T!

It was in fact, something that I reckon Mrs T might like to knock up for Little Miss T at some point in the future. If you can knit a hat in the round, you can knit this…

This is the Pinwheel Sweater from Elann, which was a joy to knit. The main body knit up very quickly, the sleeves took a little longer as I didn’t like my tension and ripped the first one half out. The Alpaca DK is really soft, although the recipient’s mother may yet curse me for giving a handwash garment. I love it and I want to knot another one, for my cousin’s little girl and then a big one for me, although that will probably be in neutrals.

Pattern: Child’s Pinwheel Sweater from
Yarn: Alpaca Select DK in various shades from blue to red
Needles: 5mm DPNS and circulars, 4.5 DPNs
Cast on: 8th November 2007
Cast Off: 1st December 2007


Louise said...

It is absolutely beautiful and there is a very lucky little girl who looks adorable in it. Hopefully you will see some photographs soon (when her mother gets round to taking some!). Thank you so much!

Seahorse said...

That's so cute!

Mrs Thistletwat said...

Ahhh that is so purty! Shame on me for thinking it was a crinoline dolly loo roll holder, I thought the arm holes for the dolly's arms (well, you never know, the dolly might have been an olympic shot putter)! I might do that for Zoe after I've worked my way through the whole of Debbie Bliss Essential Baby which I've totally fallen in love with. Zoe is getting a Debbie Bliss pinafore dress in baby cashmerino for her Christmas day best, although I suspect it will be her New Year's Day outfit at this rate.

Hanna said...

That's so cute. I need to add this pattern to my to do list.

scarletti said...

I love this, the colours and the effect of the design. Brilliant. Bet it is a really child-friendly wear too, especially since all the Smalls have informed me that they hate jumpers and only ever wish to wear cardi's from now on!