Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lace Knitting

Today I spent a lovely day at Fibre + Clay on a one day course on Lace Knitting. One doubt I will ever make anything as beautiful as the Christening Shawl that Franklin Habit made for his niece, but I can aspire…

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Anonymous said...

I love lace knitting! I suggest you write a note to Father Christmas (as I have done) and ask him to bring you Victorian Lace Knitting by Jane Sowerby which looks absolutely wonderful. I've got to wait till Christmas Day before I can have a good look at it (I bought it for myself on behalf of my mother).

I've got a skein of Rosie Apples laceweight silk from Knitwitches that I bought at SnB day and I'm trying to find something to do with, so might have a go with a smaller project from there.