Monday, February 11, 2008

Of cats and (work)men

Last week we had some electrics done, ensuring we are no longer running five appliances and a dustbuster from one double socket in the utility room (Why build a utility room and add plumbing for a washing machine and dishwasher and space for a tumble dryer and then only put one double socket it? No, I don't understand it either. Gets even worse when you get creative with space as I have). Anyway, the electrician also fitted more sockets in the bedroom so I am no longer running 6 gang socket under the bed - the only way to run two bedside lamps, two alarm radios (we're so short-sighted we need one each within squinting distance) and the dual control electric blanket from a single socket, and a new control board so that we are now in line with the latest elecctric regulations. This means we can have the electric shower fitted in the bathroom next week, but will necessitate having to find the fusebox key and trudge outside to reset the fuse everytime a lightbulb pops.

I love Elfen Safety.

However, the cats found it a stressful experience and spent nearly all day in the garden. Luckily it wasn't too cold.

This morning the plumbers who are fitting the new bathroom next week popped round "just to have a look". After declaring themselves pleased with the room itself ("Nice and straightforward, Des" "Indeed, Dave, indeed") they asked to look at the control board. As I headed for the front door with the fusebox key, they said "No love, not the meter box, the fusebox", to which I pointed out that when the garage was converted to an office , the fusebox was put outside.

There was much sucking of teeth as they looked at the position of the box and the flat roof above the office. They then hummed and hawed as they worked out how far away it was from the downstairs toilet and where that was in relation to the upstairs bathroom (not underneath unfortunately). "How are we doing, mon ami?" asked Dave. "Sacre blu!" replied Des.

I feel that I am about to get a bathroom fitted by Del Boy Trotter...

And baring in mind they were here for 20 minutes at the most, over 2 hours ago, Lil is still trembling, jumping with fright everytime I move a foot.

Next week could be a long one. What a shame I am back at work by then...

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