Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I'm not much good at giving things up. The moment I think I can't have something, I want it. The image of it fills my mind and consumes my being.

Or something.

Anyway, I'm already trying to eat more healthily, so there is little point and indeed no feeling of sacrifice to be gained from giving up something I'm not eating much anyway. The same goes for alcohol - not exactly a sacrifce when my monthly alcohol intake is about one unit.

So to actually mean something, anything I give up for Lent has to actually pinch slightly. Which is when I came up with my own interpretation of a Lenten Penance.

I am going to give up casting on. No more new projects until Easter. This is a wonderful chance to clear the decks after my bout of startitis last month.

And believe me it will be painful since I did want to knit pair of gloves to keep my hands warm...

But I'm committed.

Wish me luck.*

*Of course in the way of many dieters, I had a binge last night and cast on for a jacket for me... but Shrove Tuesday doesn't count as part of Lent, right? Just think of it as my Pancake Jacket...


Anonymous said...

Would that be a jacket with sleeves?

C asks cheekily

Nic said...

Yep, sleeves. That need to be sewn on.


Anonymous said...

Bring them to knitting group when it's time for sewing up, and we will help.


scarletti said...

Ha ha! Very good luck to you. We were taught to DO something by the nuns at school, since often the things we chose to give up in some way benefitted oursleves, and only ourselves. Though I think you have chosen quite too much of a hair shirt penance for me! Takes 30 days to make or break a habit though. I wish you much much strength. xx