Thursday, May 31, 2007


Have you met Eliza? She's been staying with me since the Easter holidays, but has been hiding in a paper bag for most of that time. However, last night she finally pulled herself together and got properly dressed and this morning she fancied going out into the garden, so here she is:

Isn't she gorgeous? I particularly like the little flowers on the end:

Pattern: Eliza from Knit On The Net
Yarn: Blue Faced Leicester hand-spun hand-dyed from
Needles: 7mm bamboo
Mods: None

I've not knit with hand-spun before and it is lovely! It has such a gorgeous sheen to it and it slides really easily on my (very cheap job lot from eBay) bamboos. The tips of the needles picked up a little green dye, but none got on my hands at all, so excellent work all round! I even blocked this properly, my first ever blocking with pins, so I felt very grown up!

When I started knitting it in April, A laughed his socks off, as we were going through a heat wave at the time. Who's laughing now, huh? I've had the fire on for the last three nights and have been sleeping in joggers and long sleeve tops! Eliza will be getting her first airing out tonight at knitting group, I feel!

So what else this week? Well, yesterday I caught up with virtually all of the work I should have done before the holidays. I've created all the front pages for my reports, but haven't yet started on the individual boxes - hence the ticker at the top! I couldn't find a general one, so decided that a debt reduction one suited my needs. Watch for progress - I have to have them ready to hand in on June 18th. 336 individual boxes to be completed... joy indeed.

Yesterday I went out with L, K and the babies, which was a first one for me - I've visited coffee shops with babies but never a restaurant with a pushchair and a pram. both babes were asleep and fantastic. K had to leave so missed the part where Anna, having woken and wanting some lunch, pulled her bowl down and plastered the floor with chicken, apple and sweet potato (L is creating stirling baby meals!) L was mortified, but I didn't think it was a nightmare - after all, she's six and a half months old and interested in everything. I've seen a lot worse, L, honest!

And to top it off, the postman has just been and delivered two balls of gorgeous Lana Grossa Luxor, as a prize from the draw Carrie Anne made on the last episode of BritKnitCast. Here they are:

And since I'm showing yarn, let's go the whole hog and show my latest sock yarn acquisition from LazyKate:

I know, I know, I have a box full of the stuff. So hang me.

I've just realised - the whole reason I took Eliza outside was to give you a break from looking at the laminate floor... ho hum.

Soundtrack: Genesis - The Carpet Crawlers; Jellyfish - Baby's Coming Back; The Who - Baba O'Riley; Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall; Genesis - Keep It Dark; Blue Ă–yster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper; Crowded House - There Goes God


Lou said...

Your scarf looks fantastic! If you ever wanted to quit teaching, you could always sell your woolly creations!

Thank you for being so calm with Anna yesterday. I thought you showed excellent patience and calm when Anna head-butted you! She is not an angel all the time!!!

However, I have now found a reason why she may have thrown her chicken and apple across the restaurant and why she was so grumpy! Last night, Anna developed a rash. Nothing serious (I did the glass test to be sure) but it hadn't cleared up this morning so a trip to the doctors was needed. She has a virus apparently, hence why she is off her food and grumpy! To cheer me up, the doctor informs me that these will be common and I should just get used to it from now on!!

I'm just sorry that you had to be head-butted in the process and have to clean up chicken and apple from the floor!!! You are a star in a crisis! Thank you!!!

Nic said...

I don't suppose you would have thanked me if she had indeed headbutted the table! note to self: just because a baby's legs are rigid does not mean her top half is...

BTW, no one would ever be prepared to pay an hourly rate that was commensurate with how long it takes me to knit things - I am a very slow knitter...