Friday, January 30, 2015

Progress So Far

My original plan to pick The Beast up was thwarted by winter weather - I didn't fancy the M62 in snow in an unfamiliar car - so college work was initially limited to a colour study and texture study.


I also blocked out 8 or 9 swatch ideas in my sketchbook, with space to put the sample pieces after they are washed and finished, to help me make the final ideas. I also tried spinning some art yarn, trapping chenille in silk and the green slub yarn in the warp to try to mimic the spots on the onside of the shell.

I then set off to Bradford a week later than planned, to pick up The Beast and also have my first tutorial. I arrived early, so I could work through some of the patterns in my college notes. First I went back to the vertical rib and tried different combinations of colours. I also used clasped weft to add blocks of lighter areas.

I also tried a variety of hopsacks and stitched hopsacks.

I also used my art yarn. I prefer the weft faced twill at the bottom to the crepe at the top.

My tutor gave me some good feed back and some more ideas, but I've got a lot of small samples to work through before I make the final decisions on the swatches to make!

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