Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February Update

Sampling has continued here, with exploration of crepe structures inspired by the outside of the shell;

I've also exploring herringbone, both point and clear cut:

I really like the strong lines of the clear cut (on the left). I'm wondering what this would look like in silk?
I've also looked at point (below right) and clear cut (below left) diamond.
Originally I thought the slub yarn obscures the pattern, but liked the subtle effect of using the dark natural (far right) - shows up better here than in real life! However, the more I looked at it, the better I liked the slub effect. It's growing on me!
Final thing is following up from some points made in the last tutorial about the blocks formed from the ribs. First I tried the sandalwood and dark natural together for one pick alternated with the green slub and the ecru linen silk. I then switched out the ecru and just used two strands of the green slub for the alternate pick.

The next step is to wash these and see how that alters the fabric and I'm pretty much ready to produce my mega list of swatches - 10 so far and counting!

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