Saturday, January 24, 2015


Well, it's nearly a week since I returned home from Bradford and I have done...nothing. Zip. Nada.


My car has been in for repair this week and I have been driving a very nice but completely unfamiliar courtesy car, so when the snow came on Wednesday, I didn't fancy the freezing fog over the Pennines and decided not to go to Bradford to collect the Beast. This means all I have been able to do is dream ideas for swatches. I need to capture them in my sketch book before I forget them, but haven't managed to find a rhythm for the days yet. In part this was because I wanted to finish clearing the workspace where the loom would be (very time consuming) but also partly because I have travelled down to Oxfordshire and back over the last couple of days to collect my parents ready for the Strictly Live! Tour tomorrow. (When I booked the tickets, Dad hadn't had a date for his impending cataract op. He's now had it, it's not gone as smoothly as it might and he's currently not allowed to drive). I take them back straight after the show tomorrow, then come back Monday, so hopefully I can get to it then.

Until then, I'll keep dreaming in twill...

And as for tomorrow? Bring on the sequins!

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