Sunday, April 21, 2013

Crafty update

Well, a slight misnomer, really, but I realised that because I haven't blogged much over here, those non-knitters amongst my readers (prossibly only one hardy one left, and then only if I'm lucky!) might not have realised that my yarn obsession has over the last 3 years really branched out. I now spin...

...and even use the handspun to knit.

I also weave...

(This blue and brown piece was jointly woven by the children in my class last year, to make a Woolsack cushion, which was last year's obsession).
Sometimes I combine even more skills - this is part of a cushion I knitted from Falkland fibre (yellow and blue) or Gotland fibre (green) I dyed and then spun myself.

But don't worry. I still have an ironing pile the size of Mont Blanc. That's not changed.

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