Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Er.. hello. Hello? Anyone out there?

This poor blog has been very negleted of late. Too much time playing on Twitter, Ravelry, Flickr and the podcast.

Can't get the time back though, so no use wailing about it. I really don't have time for that hair shirt.

So what's happening in my world?

Well, I'm still working at the same place, still playing with yarn, still sharing my life with A and a cat. We have a conservatory now, where I am sitting as I type this (oh the joy of a wireless network) and it's fast becoming my favourite place. Much as I love it in the sun (oh the light!) I think I love it even more in the rain. It's like camping, but about a zillion times more comfortable.

So no promises, but I hope to start blogging a bit more about non-yarny stuff (do I do anything non-yarny? Can't remember) If any of you are still out there, come along for the ride. :)


ShinyNewThing said...

Your comment on my blog, about poking the woman's eye out with a needle, made me laugh and cheered me up at the end of a dreary day at work. I couldn't reply directly as your Blogger profile is set to no emails, but thanks for commenting. Best wishes,Sharon

Louise said...

I keep popping back from time to time. The whole knitting thing is lost on me but often wonder how life in teaching is going (No idea how you manage to fit it in after all that knitting and creative stuff!!!!). Hope all is well and happy for you!

Padiham Knitter said...

Welcome back. I often drop by to see if there are any updates