Saturday, September 08, 2007

Whaddya mean it's not Wednesday?

I did take these photos earlier in the week for WIP Wednesday, but never got to them....

First up is Pondemonium, which stopped at this point last weekend, as I was waiting for the next blue background colour which is being discontinued by Rowan. However, it arrived later this week, so last night I made some more progress on it and have started on the frogs. It's still puckering slightly, but I'm easing and tight stitches out as I go and hopefully it will be OK. bearing in mind I am knitting the 18 month size for a child who hasn't yet made 7 months old, I figure I have enough time to frog the whole thing if need be (and enough yarn to redo if I can't rescue it - it's really quite quick to knit)

Here's a brand new WIP: another pair of Monkeys! I love this pattern and I love the yarn (LazyKate) , that although they are for my Monkey Swap Pal, I may need to get another skein and knit some myself in it.

The final shot is no longer a WIP, but a FO! Here is Clapotis, in all her glory stretched out over the floor. She is about 70 inches long, so she drapes nicely around my neck without actually strangling me.

I don't have a photo of me modelling her, but here is a close up of the dropped stitch pattern:

Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Rowan Tapestry (50 g/121m/131yds, 70% Wool, 30% Soybean Protein Fibre) Shade 172, I used 5 and a bit balls.
Needles: 5mm bamboo straights, swapped to 5mm circs to stuff into a small bag inside a rucksack to take to Scandinavia
Mods: The yarn, although I was very close to gauge. It's probably far fuzzier than the original, so the dropped stitch definition will soften over time. I also did 17 pattern repeats in the middle, not 13, since I had the yarn. I probably could have got another 2 out of it, but I wanted to start decreasing before I came home from my holidays.
Cast On: 30th June
Cast Off: 31st August

She has the distinction of being the only project I have worked on in four different countries!

Soundtrack: How Soon Is Now? -The Smiths; Drowning Me Out - Clear; Grey Gallito - Salsa Celtica; Closer To Fine - Indigo Girls; Fool's Gold - The Stone Roses; For No-one - The Beatles; The Importance of Being Idle - Oasis