Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm Not Dead

Do you know, it's a loooong time since I've seen that film...

Anyway, here I am again, having been chastised for not posting recently (and I don't mean in a cyber way, I mean in a real, told off to my face way - yikes! Good job she has a winning smile!)

So, here's a post especially for SKE.

Boom boom.

However, on reflection, I do have something to say.

18 children in a class is a dream.

Stuff specialist schools and academies, if the government really wants to make a difference to education, limit all class sizes to 20. I'm on top of my marking and record keeping before I have left the building, meaning I can spend evenings thinking about how best to present the next day's lessons or preparing resources or dealing with the co-ordination and management parts of my job that I felt I didn't get to much at all last year.

I must also say thank you to the lovely Lou for the Nice Matters Award:

You don't know how much it means, Lou, thanks so much. I should in turn award it to others, but in terms of niceness, my top vote would go to Lou...

Thinking caps on, chaps...

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Anonymous said...

Listen closely, that's the sound of one head thumping. Baaaad joke baby. The other sound you hear is of pattern book pages flipping while I look for the perfect pattern for the perfectly pinky/purply sock yarn (today children, we'll be looking for ways to overuse the letter 'p')
Have a good week or two!