Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I know my husband loves me...

...because today, during the lunch break in the conference about heavy duty diesel emissions that he is attending in Gothenburg, A nipped out to Deisy Design to get me some yarn I had regretted not buying when we there.

But get this: not only did he do that as I had asked, he also remembered that I had said afterwards that I wished I'd asked the sales girl about making traditional style mittens, so he decided to ask her advice on the matter. She gave him chapter and verse and he's bought three colours and another customer who A reckons was in her seventies took a shine to him. Looking him up and down in his suit, she said "My husband would NEVER buy me yarn as a present, can you come home with me?"


Anonymous said...

Yarn pictures please - obey the rules!
Did I tell you about the day his lordship went out for a walk and spontaneously bought me a classic knitting book that I didn't even know I wanted? He's still reaping the rewards from that and it was months ago (points mean prizes) SKE

Nic said...

Give the poor man a break, he's still in Gothenburg! When he comes home, I'll post pictures, I promise.

(And before you ask, no he doesn't have a camera phone with which to oblige!)