Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fancy a pint?

As A has been away, I obviously haven't been getting through as much milk as usual, so every few days I stick a note out cancelling that day's pint. Last night, after seeing 2 ½ pints in the fridge, I decided I could cancel both pints that were due to come today (Wednesday is his day off). After writing a hasty note (No milk, today, please), I realised that A will be home about 9am on Wednesday and he'll probably want some for tea or coffee through the day. Thus I changed the note: One pint today please.

Imagine my joy at going out to collect three pints this morning.

I'm off to make like Cleopatra...

1 comment:

Maverick said...

So a nice lactic bath when I get back in tomorrow morning. I can't wait!